Lauren Shannon is:


I have identified with being an actress since i was younger out of a curiosity and a need for exploration- and eventually finding a way 'out of my head'. Once the idea of make believe became a tangible craft I was hooked, and became dedicated to knowing my self through putting on different masks, through play, through risk and discovery. Through my training and in my years of experience i have come to enjoy my craft as a spiritual way of understanding my existence, of cultivating awareness of the world around me and my place in it. Creative expression is a necessity for me to fully experience my life and my surroundings. My desire is to continue to seek art in life, and to be able to translate it through the mediums I see fit.

Inspired by the work of: (in alphabetical order)

Amy Hardie
Anne Bogart
Andy Goldsworthy
Antonin Artaud
Bill Hicks
Charlie Chaplin
David Byrne
Dr. Seuss
Gregory Colbert
Margaret Kilgallen
Mark Rylance
Paul Klee
Peter Brook
Rhea Gaisner
Samantha Morton
Shel Silverstein